Self Care:Calmist.pro - Logo
Calmist.pro is a simple background sound generator, guided meditations, ASMR sounds with a text editor, and just super soothing background videos
Goal Tracker:theLIFEBOARD - Logo
theLIFEBOARD is an app that encourages you to plan and review your weeks. In addition, it provides tons of hand-picked resources to help you succeed in achieving your goals and creating new habits
To-do List:Mentalist - Logo
Mentalist allows you to manage all your lists in a single page. Everything from shopping lists to todos to personal notes
Mental Well-being:OurBalance - Logo
OurBalance helps you see and improve your well-being in four areas: work balance, social life, activity, and sleep. Join friends or teams to find balance together
Focus:Focused Work - Logo
Focused Work is a productivity app for students & people working from home, who find it hard to focus and use their time effectively
Mental Well-being:Bravely - Smarter mental health - Logo
Bravely is your holistic and evidence-based approach to mental health, this is the mental health app for any kind of day. Be smarter about your mental health, feel better, & live a happier healthier life
Self Care:Mooditude - Logo
Mooditude is a practical, modern-day solution for your mental health and well-being. Take advantage of the same tools used by clinical psychologists— tools that are proven to work
Focus:Hyperfocus - Logo
Hyperfocus blocks applications and websites for a specific time frame so you can focus.
To-do List:Lunatask - Logo
Lunatask is an all-in-one privacy-focused to-do list, habit and mood tracker, and Pomodoro timer. Markdown and end-to-end encryption included
Self Care:NTX Go - Fitness Done Remotely - Logo
NTX Go is a daily workout program that can be done anywhere, requires zero equipment, and takes less than 20 minutes.
Stay Informed:Newsreels App - Logo
The Newsreels App helps you stay informed by transforming long news items into short news reels and concise bullet point that are updated in real-time. This app introduces another way to know more news updates in no time!
Self Care:StretchMinder - Logo
StretchMinder reminds you to take frequent breaks while providing short guided routines which are designed specifically to keep remote workers healthy no matter where they are working
Physical Fitness:System2 - Logo
System2 Technologies allows you to get a remote personal trainer to coach you from the comfort of your home
Focus:Focus by Timespace - Logo
Make it clear when you're working and when you're not, both to yourself and others. Stop drifting in and out of work. Record how your time is spent with a simple tap
To-do List:Tweek - Logo
We’ve got the only calendar template — weekly. And, we’d say it’s the best format to organize your life and work. Tweek is a lightweight planner to maintain your focus week over week
Self Care:MoveWell - Logo
MoveWell helps people stay fit, mobile and healthy - ideal for remote workers or those without access to gym/training classes
Goal Tracker:Productive  - Logo
Productive is a free and easy-to-use habit tracker that helps you build a routine of positive, life-changing habits. Set personal goals, track your progress, and motivate yourself to achieve new heights!
Focus:Pomodus - Logo
Pomodus allows you to plan your day, prioritize & focus while leveraging Slack to keep you in the zone. It silences notifications & lets colleagues know that you're heads-down & when you'll be done.
Mental Well-being:Wellmee - Logo
In Wellmee you have your own personal app to always keep you on track – motivated, encouraged, and happier!
Focus:Noisli - Logo
Improve focus and boost your productivity. Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.
Drinking Water:Dropy - Logo
Dropy is a smart drink coach app. It has never been easier to learn a new drinking habit
To-do List:Today To-Do - Logo
Today To-Do is a to-do list that doesn’t bug you every day with the stuff you didn’t have time to do
To-do List:Audacity - Logo
Audacity is a to-do list app; simple, effective and very smart.
Goal Tracker:Habitual - Logo
Track habits, build routines and accomplish goals. Habitual is a habit tracker that helps you form great habits, reach your goals and get your life in balance.
To-do List:Claro - Logo
The to-do app that is as simple as paper with all the benefits of being digital.
Taking Breaks:Take A Break - Logo
Continuously staring at the computer can cause headaches, blurred vision, neck pain, fatigue, dry eyes. "Take A Break" extension tries to help you avoid or reduce these problems, reminding you when to take a break.
Focus:Forest - Logo
Forest: Stay focused, be present. Put down your phone and focus on what's more important in your life.
To-do List:ToDoBot - Logo
ToDoBot allows teams to manage their tasks without ever leaving Slack
To-do List:Today List - Logo
Today List is a todo list for Slack with one day deadline to every task you add. Complete the tasks in 24 hours or they'll expire.
Meditation:Aura - Logo
Improve your wellbeing & get restful sleep with the world’s most personalized wellness app
Sleep Habits:Pzizz - Logo
Pzizz helps you quickly quiet your mind, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed.
To-do List:Now Todo - Logo
Todo Now lets you swipe through your todos one at a time. Looking at a long list of tasks can be overwhelming. And you can only do one thing at a time.
Meditation:Breathwrk - Logo
Free guided breathing exercises to help alleviate anxiety, fall asleep, get energized, and more!
Brain Exercises:Lumosity - Logo
Improve memory, increase focus, and feel sharper with Lumosity - brain training app, personalized for you
Eye Strain:Safe Eyes - Logo
Safe Eyes is a Free and Open Source tool for Linux users to reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI).
Posture Correction:Mevics - Logo
A wearable personal monitor of your posture and daily activities
Motivation:FitQuote - Logo
FitQuote is a simple little App to help keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. It will show you a new quote every day.
Taking Breaks:Reboot - Logo
Take a break from all the noise and appreciate the beauty of silence
Drinking Water:H2OPal - Logo
Smart Water Bottle Technology to Track and Improve Your Water Intake.
Meditation:MyLife Meditation - Logo
Slay your stress, get more sleep or find your calm with short mindfulness activities tuned to your emotions.
Self Care:airhead - Logo
Airhead provides free guided breathing exercises to help alleviate anxiety, relax, stay calm, or focus. Take a deep breath and enjoy your life
To-do List:BallerToDo - Logo
BallerToDo is a prioritization tool that helps you visualize and organize your day so you focus on the important stuff. Don't get overwhelmed by your tasks, understand their importance, and own them
Mental Well-being:he. - Logo
he is a men's mental health and wellness app. Fitness redefined for the mental, emotional, physical, social and soulful wellbeing of every man
Meditation:Waking Up - Logo
Waking Up is a guide to understanding the mind, for the purpose of living a more balanced and fulfilling life.
Focus:Just Focus - Logo
Just Focus - a clean and simple app to help you improve your productivity. It's now available on iOS and macOS.
Taking Breaks:Chairless - Logo
Smart sitting time tracker, with notifications for you to break from excessive sitting.
Sleep Habits:Sleep Time - Logo
Sleep and slumber better. Wake up calm, refreshed, and well rested every night
Focus:Focus To-Do - Logo
Focus To-Do is an easy-to-use time and task management application that helps you to manage tasks anywhere and anytime.
Mood Tracker:Moodio - Logo
With Moodio you can easily log your mood with just a couple of taps without writing a word.
Stay Informed:Topix Forums - Logo
Topix is a news and entertainment website offering curated, quality content across topics.
To-do List:Habits - Logo
Habits is a to-do list application that helps you get items checked-off the list as fast as possible, instead of trying to micromanage a week full of tasks that never leave the list.
Meditation:Mist for Chrome - Logo
Mist is a Chrome Extension that offers guided meditations, relaxing music, and sounds of nature.
Meditation:AL Samer - Logo
Suffering from stress, tension, extra responsibilities during COVID-19, then Al Samer app is your best bet. AL Samer is a relaxation and meditation app that connects you to a more beautiful life
To-do List:DevTodo - Logo
To-do list with Automatic syncing to any logged in Chrome browser.
Physical Fitness:Myles - Logo
Myles provides virtual fitness challenges, allowing employers to support employees with wellbeing, teambuilding and fundraising.
Goal Tracker:Dailly - Logo
Dailly helps you create, manage and track your daily goals. Now take a new step everyday to achieve your goals, without ADS, trackers and databases.
Goal Tracker: awakee - Logo
Awakee helps you to build strong lasting habits and fit them into your daily schedule! Wake up excited and motivated.
Physical Fitness:Maxout - Logo
Maxout makes planning your workouts super easy. Create workouts with any exercises you can imagine. Plan your HIIT workouts, your yoga sessions or just your workout for the gym — all in one app
To-do List: Slash - Logo
A productivity machine that forces you to work smart and conquer your tasks one-by-one.
Self Care:Henry - Logo
Henry is a powerful habit tracker/ planner with guidance and content for those of us just getting started and flexible options for the pros
Stay Informed:Headway - Logo
Headway is an online application that can be used to read15 min summaries of bestseller non-fiction books.
Self Care:BeatO App - Logo
BeatO, India’s leading diabetes and chronic condition management platform.
Self Care:Emooter - Logo
Emooter helps you and your team to assess and improve your mental wellbeing and health at the workplace. It ensures you have the energy for your loved ones after the workday
Mental Well-being:Mindwell Labs - Logo
Mindwell Labs is a precision healthcare technology company that aims to unleash the full potential of mindfulness, personalized for each user.
Motivation:Quotes Daily - Get Inspired & Stay Motivated - Logo
Quotes daily has thousands of authentic quotes with easy explore, search and share options. Find amazing quotes of books and movies or Authors
Goal Tracker:Segro - Logo
Segro can help you stop bad habits with calendar insights. With Segro you can get the lifestyle you want by keeping a track of habits and events in your calendar.
Drinking Water:Cirkul - Logo
Cirkul is a water bottle that provides custom flavors for your water. Cirkul's innovative bottle allows you to flavor your water sip by sip. Go from unflavored to fully flavored water - or anywhere in between
Self Care:The Daily Wellness - Logo
Maintain your well-being with a daily, achievable goal for the day via text messages. You receive frequently changing activities, suggestions on how to achieve them and an exclusive community to share
To-do List:Todox - Logo
TodoX is a simple and straightforward personal task manager, a mix of classic TODO list with Trello-like boards.
Focus: Y-Productive - Logo
Track the actual time spent on work and receive feedback on your productivity and distractions.
Focus:Focus - Logo
Focus is a minimal app that helps you stay focused and lets you take a break from your screen
Physical Fitness:Impossible Fitness - Logo
Impossible Fitness is a online platform that provides comprehensive database of workouts and exercises at one place.
Meditation:Foogin - Logo
Meditate by Foogin - daily online LIVE classes on meditation aimed to help you develop your daily mediation and mindfulness habit and distress.
To-do List:1Do Today - Logo
Have too much to do every day, often seem to miss what’s most important? Meet 1Do Today: it’s what you’d get if Todoist and Seinfeld and Twitter had a baby.
Self Care:Ultimate Meal Plans - Logo
Ultimate Meal Plans is a meal planning app designed to help people eat healthy + plan their meals without losing their mind or spending a fortune
Simple background sound generator
Helping you achieve your life goals and habits week by week
Manage all your lists in a single page
The big picture of your well-being in one app
Get more things done, every day
Your smarter mental health app
Data-driven mental health program, at your fingertips
Blocks apps and websites to help you focus.
Privacy-focused todo list, habit tracker, and pomodoro timer
Zero equipment workout program.
Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.
Think TikTok, but for news.
Stay active, while working from home or in the office
Virtual fitness coach app
Work together remotely, without the distractions
Fast to-do weekly calendar
Personalized Mobility Coaching in Less Than 15 Minutes
Turn your inbox into a to-do list with reminders.
Motivational habit tracker, essential for productive life
Less distraction, more satisfaction
Mobile app for personal growth and thriving
Improve focus and boost your productivity with sound.
Drink Water Reminder and Tracker
An exploding to-do list
An easy to use to-do list
To-do list app; simple, effective and very smart
Track habits, build routines and accomplish goals
Simplest and most intuitive to-do-app
Easy, visual way to track your mood, progress and habits
Reminds you to take a break to reduce health problems.
Helps tackle distractions and improves productivity.
Find Your Calm
Task management for Slack
A to-do list for Slack with a one day deadline to every task you add
Mood, medication and health tracker
A platform for tracking daily progress towards your goals
Headspace for posture
Mindfulness tips to make the most of your breaks
Community of makers discovering happiness
Anxiety Relief Games
3-Minute meditations, personalized by AI
Relaxing Music For Insomnia
Activities, Games & Meditation
Timer, reminder to avoid eye strain
For The Growth-Minded
Dark theme for every website
A 60-second group meditation experience
Take a Short Mindful Break With a Guided Meditation
Life Goals, Wishlist, Bucket List
Boost your mood and emotional intelligence in one minute
Insanely fun cognitive puzzles
To-Do List, Focused
A todo list built for focus
Your guide to daily self-care
Breathe Better Live Better.
Software to make your life better
Make the most of your mind
Eye exercises with Eye-Tracking technology
Train anytime, anywhere
Stay hydrated, grow a forest
Enjoy brain training created by scientists and game designer.
Take care of your employees’ wellness
Become the fittest you.
Daily mental health coach
Supporting the mental health of freelancers and self-employed
Challenge yourself to stay hydrated & happy
Scientific 7-minute workout app
Anonymous voice social app for tracking your mood.
Overcome stress, cultivate self-knowledge
Get Mindful Naturally
Bodyweight Workouts For Anyone
Your daily dose of motivation
Simplest water intake tracker
Protect your eyes from repetitive strain
Get fitter, smarter and more social
Smart Water Bottle
Free, searchable exercise library
Positively impact brain chemistry
5 minute meditations for your busy life
The smart To-do list
Positive Affirmations App
A beautiful, open-source to-do app
To-do list, habit tracker and reminder
Accomplish more every day
Sleep Meditation and Stories
Community, therapy
Wearable personal monitor
Free ideas, facts, stories
Fitness • Motivation • nspiration
Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done
The sleep app that actually helps you feel better
Tech news you won't read elsewhere.
It's okay to take a break
Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy.
Track and change your mood
Find Your Quiet Place
Your daily dose of product news
Free guided breathing exercises
Software for Eye protection, Health and Productivity
Do one thing at a time
Focus timer app for your eye health
Interest based Social Network
Set and track hydration goals.
Drinking water reminder app
Sleep tracker, monitor and alarm clock
Ditch the lists | Plan like a baller | Get stuff done
See if you need a change in your life
A Mac app to get rid of eye strain, dry eyes and fatigue
Find people to train with
High Intensity Resistance Training
Men’s mental health and wellness app
Story of emotions
Daily Water Tracker & Reminder
Desktop mindfulness helper
Perfect posture effortlessly
Riddles that put your mind into challenging test
Popular Science and Tech News
Open-source mood and life tracking
Reach your goals
RelaxBax: Bust Stress in Just 15 Minutes a Day
Don't lose sight of your goals
Guided meditation with Sam Harri
Panic attack & anxiety relief
Breathe & Meditate
More Focus. Less Stress.
Focus on what's important
Smart sitting time tracker
Experience Peace In One Click
Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker
Calm, Relax, Focus & Sleep
It all starts with a better posture
Be focused and make things easier
Calm anxiety and stress
Positive Minds. Productive Workplaces.
All tech news in one place
The AI companion who cares
Moving makes you feel amazing
Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans
Emotion tracker app to analyse your mood changes
Twitter News App in a simpler cleaner format
Entertainment and news website.
A minimal todo-list app
Too many people forget to meditate. Don't be one of them.
AL Samer is a relaxation and meditation app
To-do list for Chrome DevTools
Fun and effective virtual fitness challenges for all
Track and Manage your Daily Goals
Organise your morning to make it productive and energetic
A better way to reach your fitness goals
A productivity machine that forces you to do tasks 1-by-1
A new kind of productivity app focused on habits + wellbeing
Best Books in 15 minutes
Become your most productive self
App to manage chronic conditions
Emooter helps you and your team improve mental health at work
A precision health-tech startup.
Explore, Search and Share Authentic Quotes
Stop bad habits with agenda insights.
A new way to get hydrated
Receive a daily self-care goal via text message
A clean personal task manager
TensorFlow blurs your screen when your posture needs fixing.
Maintain correct posture while sitting
Keep your work and distractions under control
Minimal app to focus out of screen
Push your limits with Impossible Fitness
Foogin - with love for live training.
Ditch your todo list and do what most important consistently
Simple, easy meal planning. 15 minute, 5 ingredients