Why Ticketing tools?

Did you know that the online retail company Zappos dedicates its success primarily to its customer-centric approach. The focus of Zappos has always been to invest in tools and technologies that can offer a great customer service experience. Companies such as Apple, HubSpot, Google, and Amazon, to name a few, also boast of having great customer support at its core. Ticketing tools go a long way in this. Addressing customer grievances and assuring them top-quality service is a must so as to gain positive feedback for your company.

support ticketing tools

How do you offer a great customer service experience?

By offering personal support to your customers. Even in this generation of AI and ML, the human touch cannot be replaced. But, achieving perfect customer service can be extremely challenging. It is highly improbable that any business claims that it has always had a great customer relationship and zero conflicts with its customers. There are always some dissatisfied customers with complaints like the ones mentioned:

  • Delay in response time
  • Inability to address the concerns raised by customers
  • Transferring calls, while the customer is waiting
  • Rude behavior of the live agent

Here’s an interesting read that speaks in length about common customer service challenges. Do check it out and let us know if you've faced any of these or similar challenges!

Using customer support ticketing tools such as FreshDesk and ZenDesk is an efficient way to resolve customer queries. It provides all the necessary features that a customer support executive/ live agent might need at his disposal when interacting with the customer. The features include, but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge Base and FAQ’s
  • Integration with different social media platforms so that you do not miss out on customer complaints from any medium
  • Creating chatbots for the most commonly asked questions
  • Categorizing complaint tickets and auto-assigning it to the concerned personnel.

Below is our handpicked list of some amazing support ticketing tools:

Support Ticketing:Zendesk - Logo
A scalable and flexible customer engagement and service platform.
Support Ticketing:Groove - Logo
A simplified help desk for growing businesses that enables your team to deliver personal customer support at scale.
Support Ticketing:Freshdesk - Logo
Freshdesk is an intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software.
.A scalable and flexible customer engagement and service platform.
Turn your customer interactions into meaningful conversations
An intuitive, feature-rich, affordable customer support software.
One-click connect, browser-based, video calling platform