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Gone are the days, when employee management was just restricted to the Human Resources (HR) department of the company. With changes in the working style of teams, (read remote working), team leads and managers of small and large teams have taken the responsibility and are seeking solutions across different functional areas in an employee lifecycle such as:

  1. Employee onboarding

  2. Employee engagement

  3. Attendance Management

  4. Performance Evaluation

  5. Employee offboarding

A good set of software tools can help you effectively manage the entire lifecycle of employees from the time they join the company until exit and even post that (referral programs, receive feedback on experience with the company, ensuring smooth transition for employees to new company, etc.).

What should you ideally look for in an employee management system?

An ideal employee management system should:

  1. Be easy-to-use

  2. Generate customized reports

  3. Provide analytics on various performance parameters

  4. Be easily integrable with third party tools

  5. Offer custom accessibility settings as per employee's role in the organization

The above list is not exhaustive, however, it is a good place to start your selection of an employee management software solution. Also, it is good practice to search for a unique offering within each tool that might just fit your organization's hierarchy, policies and internal processes.

Employee Management
Turn managers into leaders of high performing teams
Added by Marina
Employee Management
See the highs and lows of your work teams
Added by Mike Crosby
Remote Work...
Employee Management
Improve your remote work performance in 12 minutes
Added by Charles Summers
Employee Management
Bring your team closer together, no matter where they are.
Added by Nathan Murphy
Employee Management
People and performance management software
Added by Andriy Bas
Employee Management
Boost employee motivation and happiness
Added by Mostafa Soufi
Employee Management
Team progress tracking for modern organizations
Added by Timoté
Employee Management
Helping remote managers build high achieving teams
Added by Abhinav
Employee Management
Align, enable, and develop high-performing teams
Added by Ankit Saigal
Employee Management
A toolkit for teams for morale tracking and effective meetings
Added by Teamworki
Employee Management
Mobile app for personal growth and thriving
Added by Milan Vlček
Employee Management
Organize your retrospective in an efficient manner
Added by Miquel Ferrer Llompart
Employee Management
Streamline and automate employee onboarding
Added by Igor
Tydy Onboard
Employee Management
Automate your onboarding processes
Added by Gaurabh Mathure
Employee Management
Real-time insights on engagement, impact and collaboration
Added by Dasha Shigaeva
Spyrix Employee...
Employee Management
Employee Monitoring Tool for Windows and MacOS
Added by Emily Wells
Employee Management
Integrated platform for employee engagement.
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Employee Management
Remote leave and attendance management
Added by Calamari
Employee Management
Platform for candidates to create professional shareable profiles
Added by Ellie Dailey
Employee Management
Hire the right remote engineering teams for your startup
Added by David Stepania
Employee Management
An employee evaluation software.
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Employee Management
Live audience interaction platform for meetings and events
Added by Dasa Kasparova
Employee Management
Automate employee workflows, from onboarding to offboarding
Added by Laura Del Beccaro
Culture Amp
Employee Management
Tool for collection and analysis of employee feedback.
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Employee Management
Simplify community, culture-building, events, and more
Added by Chris Bolman
Employee Management
Offers continuous employee feedback and monitors progress.
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Employee Management
Social tools for remote teams
Added by Sebastian
Employee Management
Slack app to request, approve and track purchases and expenses
Added by Rodrigo Santibanez
Lattice Pulse
Employee Management
Real-time engagement insights about your people
Added by Julian Clarke
Employee Management
All-in-one employee management platform
Added by Efecan Erdur
Sketch for teams
Employee Management
The digital design toolkit
Added by Emanuel Sa
Employee Management
Engage, encourage, and grow your amazing team
Added by Adam Miedema
Employee Management
Virtual snacks for remote teams
Added by Gajus
Employee Management
Learn the skills to help you succeed whilst working remotely
Added by Nikita